I graduated, summa cum laude, with a bachelor’s degree in Geography with three minors (Geographic Information Systems [GIS], Geoscience, and Community and Environmental Planning) from Rowan University. I was honored with the Delaware Valley Geographic Association’s Outstanding Geography Senior Award this past May. While at Rowan I completed several projects that have connections to Geography, History, Paleontology and Planning. I worked on a project with Zachary Christman, PhD., GIS Program Coordinator at Rowan, and Mr. Jody Manning, Assistant Professor, Modern European History at Rowan. The project entailed creating a series of maps showing structural changes in and around the former Dachau Concentration Camp and SS Training Grounds, in Dachau, Germany. I also worked with Dr. Mahbubur Meenar, GISP, at the Rowan University Community Visualization and Planning Lab. I began the process of creating a Brownfields Redevelopment Literature Review Database, documenting other researcher’s work in the field. This data will be applied to the robust brownfield redevelopment going on in the North Kensington section of Philadelphia near the Lehigh Viaduct. Currently, I am working as a research consultant in the Planning and Visualization Lab at Rowan, where I am conducting field observations to analyze the social context and impacts of constructed Green Stormwater infrastructure projects in Philadelphia. On the side, I am in the process of digitizing the Rowan University/Edelman Fossil Park’s fossil map.
In February 2018, I began working in the Bureau of Water Allocation and Well Permitting at New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). During my time at NJDEP I conducted routine surveys, studies, inspections, and investigations relating to the improvement and monitoring of environmental conditions, and the enforcement of environmental laws or regulations. More specifically, I conducted the technical review of well construction records and well decommissioning reports or water allocation and agricultural certification permit applications. The technical review of these applications or documents required an in-depth geological and/or hydrogeological evaluation of the design and construction of wells, and the potential impact of the diversion on other water users in the area. I frequently searched for possible unregistered wells in NJGeoWeb, NJDEP’s interactive web mapping application. In addition, I typed, edited and proofread correspondence directed towards our customers to gently nudge them into compliance. Another important part of the process was conversing with our customers over the phone to help answer their questions.

I am currently working as a Geographer for the U.S. Census Bureau and am pursuing a master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and Web Map Programming from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.