Hand-drawn Map of My Old Neighborhood

OldNeighborhoodMap This is a hand-drawn map of my old neighborhood, in Carlisle, PA circa 1984-1992.  It is drawn from memory and shows locations that were important to me, mostly friend’s houses and a few local businesses.  I could tell you 100 funny stories that happened within the confines of this map.

Landscape Interpretation – Ilwaco, WA

Landscape Interpretation   Landscape Interpretation Ilwaco, WA   Shane Canyon Walsh Rowan University Remote Sensing / Air Photo Interpretation 09 November 2016     Report: Location:  Ilwaco, WA, the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.  Ilwaco, Washington, is located at 46.02984 decimal degrees north and 123.8889 decimal degrees west.  Ilwaco is a small town on […]

Qualitative Research and Mapping

Related to current internship with Rowan University Community Visualization/Planning Lab ShaneWalsh_North_Kensington Feelings Associated with Locations in Kensington, Philadelphia Shane Canyon Walsh Geovisualization 13 December 2016 Introduction North Kensington, a section of the Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia is one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city, if not the entire country. It is an area with […]